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Refusing To Give Up After A Recent Layoff, Two Local Men Go Back To College Through An MMA Grant

| January 30, 2014


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Back in October the Maine Military Authority laid of more than 100 workers, among those workers are two men, who were shocked by the news after having worked there for 10 years.

“It’s kind of devastating in a way, your life’s going to change and there’s nothing you can do about it you just kind of got to move on,” said Timothy Carber who was recently laid off by MMA.

“It was a pretty big shock, I was there for 10 years, I thought I’d retire there,” said Matt Albert who was also recently laid off by MMA.

Both men were determined to quickly find a back up plan. Both men enrolled in Northern Maine Community College to not only get degrees, but to also get their Commercial Drivers Licenses through a grant provided by MMA.

“MMA is getting grants for retraining for dislocated workers and this is one of the classes that they can take and with their diesel background where they were, they are geared for this kind of class,” said Dennis Dyer, the Commercial driving academy instructor

Dyer explained that taking this course opens up many more job opportunities around the county. Timothy is getting his associates degree in automotive as well as taking the CDL course.  He told us having the chance to further his education and not have to relocate was important.

“Its beneficial because I’m up in this area. I have a wife two kids, its pretty hard to uproot that, so staying in this area is good. The schooling over there is really good in Easton as well. Keeping the kids in one spot is what I am trying to do,  staying in Aroostook County is definitely what I am trying to do,” said Timothy.

Both men stated they never imagined that they would be going back to school or being retrained in these areas. Matt is enrolled in the CDL class as well as working towards his degree in pluming and heating. He shared some advice that he would like to tell others that may be in a similar situation to his.

“If they are going to pay for the school, take advantage of it,” said Matt.

Matt went on to say that if you have the opportunity to be trained in another area, take the opportunity. These men took the opportunity and are no longer worried about future career moves being limited.

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