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Recreation Centers Keep Kids Busy During April Vacation, Look Forward to Summer

| April 22, 2014

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Keeping kids active… that’s the goal area recreation centers have this April vacation.

“We want to get them away from their video games because the parents want them out of the house and we’re a good place for them to come,” said Presque Isle Rec Programmer, Bradlee Boyles.

Everything from shooting around a basketball, to jumping in an inflatable house;┬áthose kind of activities can be found at the Presque Isle and Caribou rec centers all week. Their main focus is to provide something fun to do while school’s out of session, something that can be a little difficult with snow and mud still on the ground.

“It’s good to get the kids active during their vacation week since they can’t really be outside with their sports teams and things like that,” said Caribou Recreation Director Matt Bouchard. “So we’re just trying to find things to pass the time by until we can get out there.”

And these kids are enjoying their vacation away from the classroom, able to let out that energy that’s been building up for weeks.

Gavin Akeley has been spending time at the PI rec and said, “It’s a lot more fun than just sitting on the couch and playing video games all day.”

“It’s really fun to play basketball and have fun with friends and hang around,” said Zack Madore, who was spending time at the Caribou Rec Center.

Dagan Savage added, “It’s fun, good exercise and it’s fun to come here and shoot around and play.”

But this week isn’t just about April vacation, it’s somewhat of a teaser for local rec departments as they get ready for a busy summer.

“The biggest part of April break is that’s what it is, and we’re getting closer to summer,” said Boyled. “There’s that itchy feeling that we need to get out there and hopefully we’ll be able to get the snow a little bit more melted and gets the kids out as fast as we can and have a good summer- we’re hoping!”

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