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Recent String of Thefts and Vandalism in Fort Fairfield

| July 23, 2014

THEFTS from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Late Thursday evening during the Potato Blossom Festival, 4 to 5 food booths in the food court were rummaged through, and some food was stolen. This was just the first of a string of incidents.

“It just continued on from there. We started getting complaints about vehicles being moved from one driveway to another,” says Fort Fairfield Police Chief, Bill Campbell.

Chief Campbell says they had a call about a vehicle missing at about 1:30 am Friday, and by 6:00 am that same day, the vehicle had been returned to the driveway. They had another call about a missing vehicle, and luckily, that one was returned as well.

“Later on in the weekend, we had another vehicle, the Subaru vehicle was taken, and as of yet, that still has not been recovered. Now all of these vehicles were unlocked and the keys were in the vehicle,” says Campbell.

The missing vehicle is a silver Subaru Forester with a Maine Veteran registration plate 59819. Along with the stolen vehicles, Campbell says many vehicles were gone through over the weekend.

“Keys were taken out of a fair majority of them. Keys to the vehicles, keys to people’s houses, and they were not recovered. The vehicles were left in the yards, but the keys have not been recovered,” says Campbell.

Chief Campbell says they also received a call about a computer tablet that was stolen from a vehicle. Now, all these vehicles were unlocked, and Campbell wants to remind everyone that they need to lock their vehicles, and remove the keys.

“We do have some leads. We do have some evidence we’ve collected for DNA purposes. Should we be able to get some suspects in mind. So we’re not completely stumped, but we do need the public’s help,” says Campbell.

You can leave anonymous tips on the Fort Fairfield Police Facebook page, or call crimestoppers.


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