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Recent Snow Fall is wonderful news to Winter Sports Enthusiasts

| February 16, 2014

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The snow gods have responded to all of the prayers they have been receiving and dropped over a half a foot of snow in the Presque Isle, Caribou area this past storm. Winter sports enthusiast could not be any happier.

“Very excited we love the snow, bring on as much as we can get,” said Co-President of Quoggy Jo Ski Center, Brandy Cronin.

Quoggy Jo’s ski center was busy filled with people starting off their February vacation on the snowy slopes. All week long Quoggy Jo will be hosting February break scheduled events.

Another place that was was thankful for the snow was the Nordic Heritage Center.

“Right now with the two last storms were up to a good foot, foot and a half of solid base and the skiing is great right now,” said Biathalon Sports Manager for IBU Youth and Junior world Championships 2014, Max Saenger.

The Nordic heritage center is currently being used daily by the Youth and Junior World Championship Biathlon Athletes. Max told us this snow is crucial when an event as big as this is going on.

“With 400 people well, 420 people coming in skiing 10 days, 12 days in a row it beats up the snow. It’s like putting a huge egg beater in the snow and it just beats it up and grinds it down and it gets real thin. We need a lot of snow because its going to get used up,” added Saenger.

So whether your training for a biathlon or just looking to get out and take advantage of this heavy snow fall, conditions are looking great.

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