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“Real Heroes” Honored at Annual Breakfast

| May 10, 2014

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Twenty-two Northern Mainers were given a well deserved round of applause Saturday morning, applause that capped off a day of recognition.

“People who do heroic acts, they don’t do it because they expect anything out of it,” said Red Crsoss Aroostook Branch Manager Joyce Knorr. “They do it because of the humanitarian sprit that’s within all of us.”

It was the 16th annual Real Heroes Breakfast sponsored by the American Red Cross. It’s an event held to honor individuals who have shown courage, kindness and unselfish character over the past year; individuals like John Wallace of Limestone. Wallace is a Vietnam veteran who’s been working his entire post-war life. He’s been an advocate for veterans, traveling throughout the state, and has volunteered his time at the VA clinic. He’s a hero in the eyes of his fellow veteran comrades.

“I’m just doing a job that needs to be done,” said Wallace. “I’m flabbergasted, that’s all I can say.”

Then there’s kids like McKenna Condon, Darby Clark and Abigail Cote… Three 9-year-old girls who quickly reacted when a teacher at their school collapsed in the bathroom.

“I walked by and I saw her fall and I went and got help,” said Darby.

“I went to go get help in the upper wing,” added McKenna.

Abigail added,”I stayed with our teacher.”

Quick actions and a mature response that helped save a teacher’s life. They’re heroes in the eyes of the Ashland District School. Other individuals recognized included Carson Scott of Mars Hill, Shae and Ian Michaud of Presque Isle, Amanda Winslow of Chapman, Tim Tweedie of Houton, Leda Walker of Presque Isle, Joe and lorraine Chamberlain of Caribou, Eldon Jandreau of Portage lake, Tami Kilcollins of Fort Fairfield and Steve Mazerolle of Caribou, Jenna Bradstreet of Presque Isle, Robert James McKenzie of Caribou, and five instructors from the Graves Institute of Self Defense. Twenty-two people from all over Aroostook County who showed courage and selflessness in their actions… twenty-two people who are known to everyone in this room as heroes.

*TAMC, Hampton Inn of Presque Isle, and Transformation Ministries all received the “Extra Mile” Award*

*Rene Cloukey received the “Shining Star” Award*

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