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Raye & Poliquin Set to Square Off in WAGM/LEAD Debate

| May 28, 2014

Keving Raye (left) & Bruce Poliquin (right) will square off in a live debate airing Friday night on WAGM-TV CBS 8.


Friday May 30th, republican candidates vying for the Second Congressional District seat will be in Aroostook County for a live debate. Bruce Poliquin and Kevin Raye will sit down to answer questions submitted by viewers. The debate/forum is a commercial-free, hour-long program. News Director and Evening News Anchor Chris Weimer will be one of the moderators Friday night.

“We’re calling it a debate but we’re hoping it will be a lot less rigid than what people are used to seeing in a debate. In that sense, it could also be called a forum or even just a chat. That’s what we’re hoping the mood is.”, says Weimer.

Kevin Raye & Bruce Poliquin both have established names in politics. Raye served four terms in the Maine Senate. Poliquin was the State Treasurer under Governor Paul LePage from 2011 to 2013. Friday night, citizens of Aroostook County will have an opportunity to see where each candidate stands ahead of the June 10th Primary Election. Jason Parent is a board member of Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development. LEAD is partnering with WAGM on a series of debates leading up to the general election. Parent, who will be co-moderating the debate Friday night, says WAGM and Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development decided to hold primary debates because both organizations felt there was a real need for better informed voting.

“It is a key part of LEAD’s mission to make our elected leaders and those seeking public office aware of the issues of importance facing The County.  We are a unique part of Maine with unique issues and are keenly aware that a one-size fits all policy doesn’t always work for us.  Our partnership with WAGM on the primary debates is key to both making the candidates aware of the issues of importance to The County, and County voters aware of where the candidates stand on issues of importance to them.”, says Parent.

“Honestly, we want Raye and Poliquin to go at it. We want them to separate themselves in a way that our viewers can walk away and feel comfortable making a decision on who they want to support. But we also want to make sure that those viewers get answers to the questions that matter to them.”, adds Weimer

People are being asked to submit their questions by either emailing them to [email protected] or posting the questions to facebook or twitter with the #politicalfocus. Friday night’s debate will air live on WAGM-TV CBS 8 at 7 pm.

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