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Rain effects Winter Sports Businesses

| January 12, 2014


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Over the weekend many spots in the County got over an inch of rain. This kind of weather is not ideal for winter sports businesses.  All of that rain has created a problem here at Quoggy Jo Ski Center, where they had to close their doors this weekend due to snow thawing on the mountain.

“If you get a chance to look at the hill we have a few bare spots and with the rain we expected more bare spots to start coming through so its just a safety, a safety decision really,” said President of Quoggy Jo Ski Center Gene Cronin.

It wasn’t just the slopes that were effected by the rain.  Snowmobile trails were effected as well. Kathy Mazzuchelli, Voice of the Aroostook County Trail Report explains.

“Unfortunately when the ground is frozen water runs down hill. In low spots it pools up and it doesn’t freeze even with the polar vortex. It wasn’t freezing because moving water stays warm, it’s harder to freeze so you get big slush holes and water holes in low lying areas and of course the lakes get covered with slush,” said Kathy.

Kathy explained to us how she knows there are die hard sledders out there, but she’s advising everyone to stay off of the lakes and trails due to the current weather conditions.

“The best thing they can do like a day like today, watch football. Because it’s warm and what they are going to do is they are going to tear them up. The base settles out when it rains, so if they can stay off the trails that would be the best thing,” added Kathy.

Kathy, Gene and winter sports enthusiasts around the county are all hoping for one thing,

“The biggest thing we need right now is snow,” said Kathy.

“We need some snow,” added Gene.

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