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Radio Stations Off the Air

| April 3, 2014

Channel X Off the Air from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Wednesday we told you about 4 radio stations that have been silent for more than a week now. As Dick Palm reports, it’s a rare occurrence for this broadcasting company.

This is what has greeted listeners tuning into Channel X radio since last Wednesday afternoon.

Nats: (radio static)

Up until then, the station had been broadcasting as normal to it’s 4 frequencies in Caribou, Van Buren, Madawaska and Fort Kent. Then, without warning…..

Curley SOT: It went off the air, Boom, and normally when that happens it’s an electrical outage or somebody started up some heavy equipment down the line.

Curley says they tried hitting the reset switch, but nothing happened. Curley adds they spent the next two-and-a-half days testing their 3 transmitters.

Curley SOT: We came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the transmitter at all. It was either the antenna or the antenna cable.

Then, midday Saturday, a technician from Aroostook Technologies climbed the antenna tower and it was about 200 feet up that he found a problem with the coaxial cable.

Curley SOT: The outer shielding, the outer insulation had blown away and shorted to the leg of the tower itself.

Curley mentions that in his 55 years in the radio business, he hasn’t seen anything like this. He’s not exactly sure how it happened, but he states the Channel X listeners sure noticed.

Curley SOT: It was truly gratifying. Phone calls, emails, posts on Facebook.


Dick Palm, NewsSource 8.┬áThe new coax cable arrived Thursday morning and they’ll be putting it up on the tower Friday and hope to back on the air either Friday afternoon or Saturday.

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