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Presque Isle Rotary Auction Tradition Continues

| December 5, 2013


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The 66th annual Presque Isle Rotary Auction will take place over the next three nights and feature a windfall of items for lucky bidders. But the REAL windfall comes by way of money raised for a number of county based programs and services. Rotarian Leigh Smith is putting the final touches on this peg board. Its an important piece of equipment that keeps every bid organized and helps the Presque Isle Rotary Auction run like a well organized machine every year. This being the 66th. Rotarian Scott Violette says its another year, another auction and another opportunity to make a positive impact. “The Rotarians really step up big through this project going out and soliciting items but it takes all the businesses that participate, a lot of them advertise with us, some of them donate merchandise or donate money and we couldn’t do it without them,” says Violette. Violette¬†adds there are more than 40 thousand dollars in gift items and certificates waiting to be won. But he adds the real winners in this auction is the county community, as every dollar raised will go directly back into THIS COMMUNITY. He says six area programs that help county people in need will be the recipients of the money raised. But the work of the club and the community doesn’t stop there. As with every year, the club fundraises a large amount that will go to a special community project. And this year that project is the Aroostook House of Comfort. Mary Hunter is a representative for the Aroostook House of Comfort and says “This is a hospice home that is very badly needed in Aroostook County there are so many people who have illnesses, terminal illnesses and this is the perfect place for them that’s a homelike environment.” The rotary auction is hoping to raise a hundred thousand dollars that will go the House of Comfort. Hunter says so far, the project has garnered 500 thousand dollars in funding from in kind donations from community members. Along with land for the proposed site, she says its a good beginning to their overall goal of raising 2.5 million. And with all the prizes including IPADS, a generator, scooter and sports memorabilia up for auction, the rotary club is being a BIG COMFORT for folks in need. “A big thank you to the community for supporting us every year and for making this a great event and hope for great success,” says Violette.


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