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Presque Isle Police Urge Drivers to Stay Safe This Summer

| May 30, 2014

SummerSafety from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The roads may not be covered in snow and ice, but the Presque Isle Police say they respond to just as many if not more car accidents in the summertime.

“They’re not really concerned about stuff on the road like ice and snow, so that kind of concern is out of their mind, it’s warmer weather so they just don’t seem as focused on that,” said Kelly.

Deputy Chief Laurie Kelly says they’ve already responded to 22 accidents this month. She says there are a number of factors that make summer driving dangerous. To name a few, she says people tend to drive faster, attend more parties and events where alcohol is involved, more kids and animals are out, and some of the roads need repair, like Academy Street in Presque Isle.

“I would dare say that’s probably one of the worst ones right now – it’s chewed up, it has the grooves from traffic,┬áit has a lot of potholes, it has a lot of uneven surfaces,” said Kelly.

She says making sure your car is up to date on its inspection may seem like a hassle, but could really end up paying off.

“If there is stuff wrong with it, the tires, you know you don’t have tread on your tires or your breaks are gone or your horn doesn’t work or your signals don’t work that’s really conducive to accidents,” she said.

She says wearing a seat belt, of course, is a law year round – the National Click it or Ticket campaign is currently going on – it started the 19th of this Month and goes through Sunday.

“You can’t argue with statistics and statistically, seat belts save lives in accidents.”

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