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Presque Isle High School Will Welcome At Least 5 Exchange Students in the Fall

| January 30, 2014


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Superintendent Gehrig Johnson says five students from China are enrolled to attend SAD 1 in the fall, and he is hoping to enroll another five students. Johnson says it’s a very long process, but well worth it. Back in October, he traveled to China and visited various cities where he gave presentations to thousands of students wanting to attend school in the U.S. He says having these students attend SAD1 will be beneficial to the school.

“We are in an area that doesn’t have much diversity at all. We don’t have students enrolled from other countries and other cultures. It fits the need for our students to know students from other countries that is very different than ours,” says Johnson.

It will financially help SAD 1, since each exchange student must pay tuition and this program will also help with the declining enrollment. Johnson says this will help help the Chinese students become more acclimated with our culture.

” They love the creativity that our curriculum offers, the electives we have 20 plus electives at Presque Isle High School, well in China they have zero electives. Each student takes a very strict core curriculum,” says Johnson.

Along with this exchange program, many international schools are using the Presque Isle High School curriculum. They already have eight students enrolled in one school with the curriculum, and three more international schools will be offering the curriculum in the fall. At this time, Presque Isle High School is the only school in the county with this program.

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