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Presque Isle High School Welcomes New Principal, Faculty, and Educational Initiatives

| August 14, 2014


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The start of the new academic school year is just days away for many County schools. In Presque Isle the high school is opening it’s doors this upcoming Wednesday. And as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports, the school is welcoming new faculty members, teachers, and educational initiatives…

Ben Greenlaw lead Thurday’s Teacher Orientation for 4 new teachers at the Presque Isle High School. Greenlaw himself is also stepping into a new role at the High School’s new Principal and beside him is David Bartlett, the new Assistant Principal. Both have years of experience in education at the school.

The Presque Isle High School is the largest in Aroostook County with over 550 students. School administrators they’re excited to welcome new faculty members, new students, and new school initiatives for the academic school year.

Presque Isle High School Principal Ben Greenlaw said,
” We’ve got a new teacher evaluation model that we’ll be using and implementing this year so that will be a big change and also the state proficiency based education law.”

Assistant Principal David Bartlett said, “Our departments are working on establishing specific standards for their content areas and eventually the goal is for students to be assessed on those standards.”

The school is also welcoming 6 Chinese exchange students, as well as a teacher that will be teaching a Mandarin course.

“They were here yesterday getting a tour of the building and getting acclimated here with some of our students as well,” said Greenlaw.

Empty hallways today but next week, schools back in session. And both the Principal and Assistant Principal say they’re looking forward to implementing new educational initiatives.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do but it’s exciting work and I think it is going to benefit our students,” said Greenlaw.

“Been looking forward to working with Mr. Greenlaw and staff to move forward with those things and navigate those things,” said Bartlett.

Both say the ultimate goal is helping students achieve success in attaining their high school diploma, and beyond.

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