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Presque Isle City Council Meeting

| August 6, 2013


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Changes are underway after last night’s City Council Meeting in Presque Isle,  and most have to do with the reduction in state revenue sharing. The city has to contend with some tough budget cuts following the financial crisis.

Deputy City Manager Martin Puckett said, “Currently 3 things that the city is looking to do to help out with this budget cap that was created by the lack of state revenue sharing. One of them is a reduction in health insurance benefits for pre-1996 employees, they had a different contribution for health insurance than all of the employees that were hired afterwards. The other thing is to have a 1% reduction in retirement benefits.”

Those changes will be implemented for non-union employees; union employees are exempt until the unions approve those cuts. If the Union doesn’t approve, then there’s a potential for a reduction to a 4-day work week and a reduction in benefits.

To reduce the financial burden created by the loss of $400,000 worth of state revenue sharing, Presque Isle City Council decided on a city-wide furlough day to cut back on costs.

Deputy City Manager Martin Puckett said, “No services will be provided to the public for that day, except for essential services.”

That also means all non-essential employees take one day off without pay,  and salaried employees forfeit 20% of their salary that week.

Overall, the City Council has a savings goal of $50,000. To achieve that goal; budget cuts will inevitably come into play.

The city-wide furlough day is scheduled for August 30th. Meanwhile, there was also talk of closing the indoor pool; last night the council decided that won’t happen until a new outdoor pool is built with the Community Center project.

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