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President of Local Company Recognized by Fedex Ground

| October 9, 2013

White from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A big honor for the president of a small local company. FedEx Ground recently named Mike White of White Family Freight Incorporated as a FedExGround Entrepreneur of the Year District Level Winner.

White says, “It feels pretty good to be recognized for your hard work for you know me, myself and also my employees the hard work they do every day on the road.”

White was one of three winners in the Northeast and the only winner in our entire state. His independent contracting company out of Linneus has been around for 6 years — they do delivery and pickup services for FedEx Ground. Right now he has seven full time employees, one part time employee, and three seasonal employees.

Carol McNally, FedEx Ground station manager says, “I nominated Mike because he does an excellent job here, his service is excellent, his drivers, he has a really good team.”

White says his company delivers about 600-700 packages per day to homes and businesses stretching from Millinocket to Fort Kent. And between all of his drivers they put on about 8 thousand miles a week.

Only 89 small companies out of 8500 that serve FedEx ground received this honor. McNally says FedEx recognizes the companies that put customer service and safety first.

“We have voluntary safety meetings that the majority of the time Mike leads, ” she says. “And he just makes it a top priority for his guys that they’re there in attendance.”

“The trucks are gone over every day, the drivers check their tires check their fluids make sure the truck is fit to be out on the road,” White says. “We communicate back and forth with the Department of Transportation DOT offices – you just reinforce to the guys ya know we gotta be safe”

White says the small company has grown a lot in six years – and he hopes this award will help keep that up.

“That’s the goal,” he says. “Keep growing, keep getting bigger, you know as FedEx grows, I’m going to grow so we’re helping each other.”

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