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Prescription Importation Legislation

| September 19, 2013

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A law suit by several Maine pharmacies  has been  filed against the State for allowing a bill to pass on Prescription Importation.   The Sponsor of the bill, Senator Troy Jackson tells us why he introduced the bill and what it means to Maine residents.

Senator Troy Jackson says “They’re the same drugs you can buy in the United States it’s just they’re going through Canada or other countries and when they come here they’re as much as 80 percent less money”

Senator Jackson is the primary sponsor of a bill that allows Mainers to use Mail Order Firms such as CanaRX to have their prescriptions imported from other countries. A law suit was filed by pharmacy groups in Maine, arguing that it violates FDA safety regulations and runs the risk of counterfeit drugs being imported. There have been no track records of safety issues in past and Jackson is now calling on Governor LePage to have the law suit thrown out. The legislation became law in June without a signature from Governor LePage and is scheduled to take effect October 9th.

I (Baha Eldin) asked Jackson what will ultimately happen if the law goes into effect and the suit is dismissed?

He says, ” first off the chance for people to continue to get these life saving medications at less money, the pharmaceutical companies will have to realize that they don’t have a monopoly on this and they can’t just sell these drugs in the united states at extremely high prices and they’ll have to lower their prices to keep up with CanaRX and other countries other countries are doing.”

Jackson believes medicine is not something that pharmaceutical companies should be getting rich off of and that prescriptions should be accessible to people at cheaper prices where they’re available. He says pharmacies should lower their prices on drugs to make it consistent with other countries.

Jackson says, “that’s what I would hope for if they don’t want to if they don’t want to then they’re going to lose market share to companies like CanaRX.”

Governor LePage indicated support for Jackson’s Legislation but has not acted on it so far. The law, known as LD 171, frees pharmacies in several countries from getting licensed in Maine as long as they meet their own country’s requirements, and serve as a middle man to import prescription drugs.

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