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Preparations Almost Ready For World Acadian Congress Which Draws Closer

| July 9, 2014


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It’s only a few weeks until thousands of people descend upon the St. John Valley and neighboring Canada for the World Acadian Congress 2014. Shawn Cunningham reports on the progress of preparations.

Constance Beaulier Anderson is proudly putting up her acadian heritage flags. She’s excited about the World Acadian Congress coming to the Valley in just a few weeks.

Constance Anderson says “I think its beautiful, I think its one of the best things that could ever happen here.”

Red, white, blue and gold decorations could be seen all over the town of Madawaska and along Main Street in Grand Isle. These decorative colors are displayed throughout the St. John Valley for that matter welcoming visitors to the region and neighboring Canada. World Acadian Congress organizers say a committee of up to twenty people from participating communities all pitched in to make sure the first sights seen were colors Acadienne.

Dona Saucier is an organizer for the World Acadian Congress Decorating Committee and adds “we found ways to connect all the communities in the St. John Valley together to have a uniform look and a uniform them throughout all.”

“So many people have engaged themselves in putting out the red, white, blue and yellow its almost like you know when you’re getting ready for the holidays like Christmas, well this is kind of like what it is you’re seeing more decorations,” adds Lorraine Pelletier, the ME Regional Dir. for the World Acadian Congress.

Pelletier adds businesses are buzzing with excitement about the upcoming Congress anticipating the tourism dollars coming into the local economy.

Pelletier says planning is on schedule with so many visitors expected to be here of course a lot of hotels and motels are booked. But its not too late to arrange plans for a place to stay.

Pelletier says “there are still private accommodations available all they have to do is go on the website

She also reminds the public to get in on buying the necessary bracelets that are an entry to many of the acadian congress signature events. As for Constance, she’s happily counting down the days till the World Acadian Congress begin…It’ll be a several weeks of…

“fun, family, friends, food…



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