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Practice Underway for the MWSC Development Team

| November 19, 2013

mwsc ski from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Thursday, November 14th was an exciting night for the Maine Winter Sports Center Development ski team… All because of the snow.

“Awesome, it feels great,” said Development skier Sarah Beaulieu.

“It feels great. Being on roller skis is great and all, but skiing is why I’m here,” added Development skier Dustin Alward.

The snow unfortunately didn’t last that long, but MWSC development skiers will still be practicing twice during the week. They’ll be using roller skis and other equipment until the white stuff comes back again– something that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Getting outside and having an outdoor, active lifestyle is the most important thing,” said Development coach Amber Dodge. “So yes, we have a focus on nordic skiing and biathlon, but as long as they’re active and having fun- that’s the most important thing.”

And being a part of the MWSC Development team takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s a free program for kids ages 12-15 who love to ski, and are open to embracing other opportunities.

“I just love the sport and it’s so much fun to come out here and ski with friends,” said Beaulieu.

Alward added, “I like doing this stuff. I appreciate the team and all of the support, and I get extra benefits from doing this.”

“We have free practice but then we also have other opportunities to travel to biathlon races in Canada and New England,” said Dodge. “It’s just really great opportunities for kids to get outside and learn how to cross country ski and learn how to be a biathlete.”

And it’s a successful program, as 5 of the junior team members will be competing in the junior world trials in December. Depending on their performance, they could be invited to participate in the Junior World Championships coming to our area in late February and early March. As a coach, Dodge says it would be amazing to see some of her skiers do just that.

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