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| September 20, 2013

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A special ceremony was held at the Maine Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Caribou today; it’s a recognition day that’s observed across the nation the third Friday of September every year. People gathered at the Veterans Cemetery in Caribou in recognition of POW MIA day, a day that commemorates prisoners of war and those that are missing in action.

Chairman of the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery Committee  Harry Hafford said, “This Veterans Cemetery in Caribou is one of the few Veterans Cemeteries across the whole country that does a POW MIA day service.”

It’s a service that reminds American citizens to not take freedom for granted and to remember those who were imprisoned and went missing while fighting for our country. Craig Fay is a Vietnam Veteran, and for him a day like today really hits close to home.

DAV Post Chaplain Craig A. Fay said, “Each day the goes by, each year that goes by, there’s a lot of people missing that we don’t know if they’re alive or they’re dead or they’re captured or what’s happening to them, we have no idea, because when we left Vietnam, we abandoned hundreds and hundreds of POWs.”

To this day over 80,000 Prisoners of War are still missing and unaccounted for. Some service members have been missing since conflicts that date as far back as World War II. And service members still sacrifice their lives in foreign countries everyday.

DAV Post Chaplain Craig A. Fay said, “This country is not free, and freedom isn’t free, but these guys go each and everyday and they put their lives on the line, especially the POWs we want them back, we want all of our Americans back.”

The first official commemoration of POW/MIAs was held in 1970; making this year the 43rd year the annual ceremony has been held.

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