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Potholes Get A Temporary Fix Until It Gets Warmer Out There

| March 20, 2014

POTHOLES from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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You may see them and drive around them, or sometimes even hit them.  We’re talking about potholes.  Some are big and some are small but they are all inevitable.  Some work is already being done to patch them up, but temperatures are still too cold to have them permanently patched.

They can potentially damage your car, but they’re fixed as soon as they’re reported by residents, or spotted by patrols from the department of transportation and Public works departments. They’re potholes, and because it’s still very cold, they’re only getting a temporary fix, with a cold patch.

MDOT Region 5 Manager Bob Watson says, “It’s a stone and sand product with asphalt on it but it’s a a cut back asphalt we call it so that it stays workable at cold temperatures.”

Watson says crews can fill a pothole with a cold patch one day, and return to the same pothole a week later. But it’s what they’re forced to use until late April or May.

Watson, “when the local hot top plants open and they start producing hot mix, then you can go out and do more permanent repairs.”

Including equipment, materials, and wages, MDOT region 5 spends around 1 million dollars a year for pothole repairs. Municipalities with their own public works department take care of the own roads.

Presque Isle Public Services Director Dana Fowler, “The plan is, if the water is not running into the potholes, and there’s no snow on the streets, we will start patching.”

Presque Isle actually started patching on Tuesday (3/18/14), and again, with the cold patches for now.  Fowler says they take care of what they call the “rim breakers” first, which are the bigger potholes.

Fowler, “we budget about 13 thousand dollars a year for patching, it depends on the year, last year we went over 20 thousand dollars in patching.”

Both Fowler and Bob Watson say the roads with slower moving traffic that have lot of stopping and turning, will tend to have the most potholes.


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