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Potato Harvest

| September 18, 2013

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Aroostook County has had the second wettest summer on record, but Tim Hobbs says it has not really affected the potato crop. All areas throughout the county are affected differently, because the weather is different in every area.

Hobbs says, Looking at the crop, I mean it’s been wet, but I don’t think most people would say, gee you know this has been the second wettest growing season. Look how wet it is everything is terrible, because there is a fairly decent crop out there. The wet weather affects people differently. Depending on how well drained your soil is, and how much rain you get at any event.

Hobbs says that the harvest should go along pretty well as long as we don’t get those two-inch rain events, he says it’s hard to dry out the ground this time of year. If a rain event did occur like we’ve had, it would just be a prolonged drying process. Along with the potato harvest comes the Big E Conference or the Eastern States Exhibition, held in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

It’s a seventeen day agricultural fair. It’s the biggest one in New England. We have a booth where we sell baked potatoes, so we are in the midst of that.

Hobbs says they sell an average of 80 thousand potatoes within the seventeen days, and they are on track to do that this year. It’s definitely an exciting time of year for the potato farmers, and everyone involved in the harvesting process.

Hobbs would also like to add that the Potato Pickers Special starts on Monday, September 23 at 5:00am. Of course, it’s right here on WAGM-TV.

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