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Possible Solution to Maine’s Green Crab Problem

| February 6, 2014

Green Crab

¬†BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) – A Canadian businessman says he has the solution to Maine’s green crab problem – eat them. The invasive and voracious small crabs native to Europe are devastating the state’s clam fishery. Ron Howse, president and CEO of Tidalwater Seafood Co. in Fredericton, New Brunswick, says the meat of the green crab is sweet and tasty and he wants to market it to diners in Asia and Europe. The Portland Press Herald reports that he has planned a news conference for Thursday in Brunswick at which he will lay out his plans, and even offer some green crab meat to taste. The plans include opening a processing plant in Maine. Maine clammers are taking a wait-and-see attitude, because previous efforts to make the crabs commercially viable have failed.

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