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Police Collaboration With Out Of State Agencies

| March 12, 2014

PoliceCollaborationArrests from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Local police collaborating with outside agencies have lead to recent arrests being made.  Here’s more on these cases and how helpful it can be for police to work together, from far away.

Fighting crime could mean utilizing multiple resources. One of them can be a resource that’s not even in the state where a crime occurred. That’s when police and other agencies from another state come into play.

Bill Campbell, Fort Fairfield Police Chief,  “back in August of 2013, we had an incident where a gentleman went to a residence here in Fort Fairfield and threatened some folks with a firearm, he was able to elude us and he ended up in Connecticut.”

That was 32 year old Michael Charm. Chief Campbell was in contact with multiple agencies in Connecticut along with some tips from local residents to locate Charm. He was eventually arrested in West Haven and extradited to Maine. Just recently in Presque isle, John Vaillancourt was found in Florida after being on the run for more than 7 years.

Presque Isle Police Chief Matt Irwin, “when officer eagles found out Vaillancourt was living in the Keys, he reached out to the U.S Marshals who in turn started a process in motion that lead in Vaillancourt being caught down in Key West.”

An arrest warrant has to be in the system in order for out of state authorities to make an arrest. The most recent case Presque Isle involves 34 year old Cecil “scott” Ireland.

Matt Irwin), “we had a parallel investigation going on about the computer that had been turned into the pawn shop, through the coordination of El Paso when they communicated with detective Scull over here, we already had a case in the works on this guy.”

Other charges on Ireland involve child pornography with an undercover detective in Texas which is still being investigated. That’s why many department, like Chief Campbell from Fort Fairfield will say that having connections are very important.

Bill Campbell, “When folks go out of state obviously we’re not going to go down to where ever they’re at.”

As for the 3 Characters in this story, Charm is now serving 4 years in state prison. Vaillancourt waived extradition and is being held in Florida for now.   And Ireland’s case is still open pending an investigation.

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