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Police Chief Kenneth “Doody” Michaud Reflects on Longtime Career in Fort Kent

| April 23, 2014

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With less than a month left on the job, Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Doody Michaud has started cleaning out the office that’s been his for almost 40 years.

“This is one of the grooming garage, this one here is of me with young kids, this one is another one with a bunch of young kids,” he said as he looked through pictures.

And the pictures sure do bring back memories. Michaud started on the Fort Kent Police Department in 1965..and became the chief in 1977. The longest tenured police chief in the state according to Brian McMasters of the Attorney General’s Office, he could tell you stories for the goat in town that was caught for drunk driving..or the time he had to catch his own runaway pig.

He said, “a car stops and a woman says ‘I’ve seen it all…a pig pushing a pig!”

But to him, what mattered most in his long law enforcement career was helping the people in his community.

“I’ve always been there for them, been there at the house for them…If there’s anything I could do for people I know your town people.. I see you coming down the road and your vehicle is not registered well I know its because you forgot about it so I’ll just say go to the town office and register your car,” said Michaud.

From new laws, to growing drug problems, Michaud has seen a number of changes over almost five decades. He’s emotional at the thought of leaving the department, and he’s not the only one.

“I had Herman Theriault the other day and his wife say ‘I don’t know Dood, what are we gonna do when you’re gone?”

What will they do? They’ll look to former Maine State Police Sergeant Tom Pelletier. He’ll take over for Michaud in mid-May,¬†knowing¬†he has some big shoes to fill.

“He’s been very involved and very helpful…and his willingness to bend over backwards and help the local people. And the local people will miss that,” said Pelletier.

“I’m going to miss it a lot. I’m going to miss the people. My cell phone has always been open to anyone who wants it and still after I retire if people want to use my cell phone to call me for anything, I’ll be there,” said Michaud.


Retirement Party, Fort Kent Knights of Colombus Hall, Invite Only

5:30-6:30 PM, Saturday April 26th

F.K. Town Office: 834-3090

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