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Police and Ben’s Trading Post on the Lookout for Stolen Guns

| January 14, 2014

STOLEN GUNS from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Lock your doors. That is what Presque Isle Chief of Police, Matt Irwin is reminding everyone to do at all times. Just that simple step could save you from an incident like what happened over the weekend. Three guns were stolen out of an unlocked car in Presque Isle.

“We have received some information. None of which has panned out yet at this point, so we’re still tracking down some of that kind of basic who was around, doing some canvasing of the neighborhood, see if anyone saw anyone out and about,” says Irwin.

Neil Burnham of Ben’s Trading Post says many times guns are stolen and sold for drug money. He says there are several red flags they look for.

“If they’re rather vague about the circumstances of why they have it, why it’s for sale, if they are just anxious to sell it, if the price is exceptionally low on the firearm, it might be an indicator that they are trying to move the firearm fairly quickly,” says Burnham.

Ben’s Trading Post does have a form that is filled out with different criteria if someone wants to sell or trade a firearm. They take a photocopy of their drivers license so they have a copy on file. There is also a disclaimer that is signed stating that this firearm isn’t stolen. And while Burnham says over the years, they haven’t had to deal with too many stolen firearms, Chief Irwin says that isn’t the case on his side.

” It’s starting to happen more frequently, which is concerning. We’ve had several guns stolen over the course of the year out of vehicles . Folks have got to lock their stuff up.”

Irwin says stealing guns has different consequences than stealing other items, and Burnham says these three guns easily value over a thousand dollars. The police will continue the search for the stolen guns and so will Ben’s Trading Post.

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