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Planet Head Day

| February 15, 2014

PLANETHEADDAY21514 from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, Cancer affects an estimated 14 million people globally. This weekend the popular Planet Head Day fundraiser was held to raise funds for those affected by Cancer in OUR part of the world. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the details…

How far would you go to raise money for Cancer patients? How about shaving your head bald? That’s what men and women of all ages did at the 8th annual Planet Head Day.

Tim Graham said, “I know I am going to freeze my head off.”

Tyler Eager said,  “This is all worth it for cancer, it goes to a great cause all proceeds go to the cancer organization.”

Ryan Hansen said,  “I do it every year because it helps people.”

Linda Cobb recently lost her Uncle to Cancer and shaved her head as a special tribute to him.

Linda Cobb said, “If I could help one person going through what my uncle went through then I’d do it again 100 times.”

Eleven year old cancer survivor Hadley McLean even gave a hand with haircuts herself.

But what’s Planet Head day without a planet on your head? After people got their heads shaved they came over and got planets painted on their hands, but even if they didn’t want to shave their heads completely they could still participate by putting on a bald cap.

Chair person of Planet Head Day Louise Calabrese said, “It becomes a passion with everyone because we are all on this road together, and when you know you can help somebody just by being there and by fundraising it makes all the difference.”

Wade Brighd said, “My theory has always been my hair will grow back. If I can make one person smile or help one person that’s what I’m here for.”

This fundraiser for Caring Area Neighbors for Cancer and Education Recovery combines space science education and cancer awareness in a way that really rallies up community support.

“Every year we hope and pray that we’re going to exceed what we made the year before, and this year it’s really really tough,” said Calabrese.

Despite a trying economy over 100 people got their heads shaved and painted, and the Planet Head Day fundraiser raised over $21,000 to support cancer patients in the County.

Donations are still being accepted, and can be sent directly to C-A-N-C-E-R, P.O. Box 811, Presque Isle, ME 04769.

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