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Petit Sault Brewers

| July 18, 2014


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A local brewery, that is brewing for local people. That is the idea behind Petit Sault Brewers here in Edmundston, a project that started as an idea that snow balled into a massive amount of support from the community.  “When we started we were a few friends talking about the possibility of starting a brewery in Edmundston and we really wanted it to be a community project. So, about two years ago we started the ball rolling and got people interested and now we have 84 shareholders which makes it quite an interesting project,” says Mychele Poitras the Communication and Marketing Director.

This community project is being lead by two brewers, one of whom is named Jason Dionne and the other Gavin Anderson who has his Doctorate in Microbiology from Kentucky. Anderson was creating a batch of beer while we were their, and he is definitely a key component in creating the unique taste, and he sadly wouldn’t tell me his secret ingredients. “Its lightly spiced as well, we use a little bit of orange peel and coriander and a few other spices I won’t tell you. But yeah it is light, a little bit fruity a little bit spicy, it’s a very nice refreshing summer beer,” says Anderson.

For those at home saying, what if I don’t have my own lab or a doctorate in Microbiology. How do I make my home brew more unique, more tastey. Anderson has advice for home brewers because this is not just his job, but also his hobby. “Brewing can be as easy or as complicated as you want if you are home brewing. Once you start honing in on the small tweaks in temperature, ingredients and the mash profiles. Your beers become a lot more complex and unique,” says Anderson.

Finally though if you are looking to try some of the Tante Blanche Belgian White, you can visit your local NB Liquors as well as visit some local bars around edmundston. The brewery opens on July 26th and Poitras says it couldn’t come at a better time, “Pretty excited we opened early in the summer, we have the World Acadian Congress coming up pretty soon and we think people are going to be very interested in our beer.”

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