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People Feeling Frustrated By Long Winter, Experiencing Anger…Clinical Reasons Why…

| April 2, 2014


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If you find more people LESS CONGENIAL right now, there’s a reason. They might experiencing something UNOFFICIALLY called WINTER RAGE.

Shawn Cunningham explains how to DEFEAT winter doldrums and spring into a better state of mind.

Chris Robinson is taking full advantage of the sunshine and slightly warmer temps to ready these new cars. Selling cars for Carroll’s Auto Sales is a day in…day out job, regardless of weather. And a long winter, with no end in sight can wear on the sunniest disposition needed to make a sale. “I’m from the county, and I’m ready to call it a winter,” cites Robinson.

That’s the sentiment echoed by plenty of people wanting to not kiss…but KICK winter goodbye. Winterstorms have become the norm TOO MUCH this year, sending people into a well, winter rage say healthcare practitioners.

Abbey Atcheson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the Aroostook Medical Center and says “Winter rage is not a clinical term but it definitely is a social, behavioral pattern that we see I think especially this winter in particular because its been so long and so cold.” Atcheson adds people should take notice if they’re feeling more irritable, isolated and low in energy. She says there are many keys in beating the doldrums.

“Embrace the day, try to be as positive as possible, find ways to get outside, Vitamin D exposure is a big way that you can help cope with those symptoms.”

She says staying active and having a regular exercise routine can also help ward off winter frustrations. As for Chris, being outside rain, sleet, snow or shine is part of his job…but weatherwise he certainly wishes for the last.

“Shiny cars after a good rain would be nice for the selling season, spring is the selling season we’ve had a long long winter and we’re ready for it,” says Chris.


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