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Pediatric Dentist Is Dolling Out Life Lessons That Have Real TEETH

| March 3, 2014


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County youngsters got some PEARLS of wisdom about the importance of keeping their PEARLIE WHITES clean. Pine Street first grader Danica Beaulier (BOLYER) wants to be a dentist when she grows up. And judging how well she’s demonstrating the proper way to brush and floss to her classmates, Danica’s got a BRIGHT SMILE and FUTURE ahead of her.  St. Apollonia Dental Clinic Pediatric dentist Dr. Erik Johnson says its important to teach kids early healthy habits of dental hygiene so they won’t have a mouthful of problems later on.  “I think more awareness is necessary, a lot of kids come into our office and they’ve got a lot of cavities and a lot of plaque on their teeth and we’re really trying to get the word out,” says Dr. Johnson. And that’s why Dr. Johnson has been visiting county schools throughout the month of February, National Children’s Dental Health Month. Johnson says kids need to know NOT JUST its important to brush at least  twice a day, but the RIGHT way to do it. “We wanna make sure all kids know how to brush, how to do it really well and effectively so they’re brushing both their teeth and their gums and know how to floss.” The other important basic Dr. Johnson is BRUSHING UP on is nutrition. “Nutrition is kind of the cornerstone of good dental health we wanna make sure that kids know what are good snacks and what are bad, unhealthy snacks,” adds Johnson.  And seeing how these kids are acing this good tooth versus bad tooth activity, Dr. Johnson’s message is more than just sent…its happily received.  “To always brush your teeth or your teeth could go rotten,” says Marah Clark a second grader at Pine Street Elementary School.  Camden York, another second grader adds “Brush your teeth and floss.” Cooper Boinske says “Always put your mouth guard in when you play sports.” And Noah Willette adds “I didn’t know to brush in a circle to get my gums and my teeth clean.” These are important life lessons kids are clearly CUTTING THEIR TEETH ON.

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