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Parise Rossignol Hits 2,000 Point Mark

| December 18, 2013

Parise 2000 points from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It was a night that Van Buren senior Parise Rossignol will never forget. A night where she added her name to the record books.

“It was obviously in the back of my mind going into this game,” said Rossignol. “I was thinking, what if I don’t get it today… Everyone is expecting me to get it.”

Parise entered Tuesday night’s game against the LCS/MSSM Eagles with 1,996 career points. Two minutes into the game, Parise hit a jumper from the left baseline that put Van Buren up 4-0. It was a shot that gave her a little sigh of relief, because she just scored the 2,000th point of her high school career- a feat that only 15 others in state history have ever done.

“Going into my freshman year, that wasn’t even in the back of my mind,” said Rossignol. “I just wanted to help my team as much as I could. I’m just blessed that this happened. I really didn’t think it would.”

But it did. And what made this 2,000 mark even more special, is the fact that Parise’s father- Matt- is also a 2,000 point scorer. They’re the first father/daughter duo to achieve such a rare accomplishment.

“We love basketball. She lives and breathes it,” said Matt, Parise’s father and coach. “It’s a testament to our family and the love and support that we’ve gotten from not just our family but from our community.”

“I think it added a lot of pressure, but I tried not to think about it,” Parise added. “Just because my Dad did it, doesn’t mean I feel like I had to. I just try to play the best I can and that’s all he expects from me.”

Basketball is still a part of Parise’s future, as she’ll be playing for Division One UMaine next year. But she’s not getting ahead of herself and is still focused on this season… including one other thing she’s hoping to help accomplish.. a state championship.

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