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Organizers Prepare for Frozen Motor Mayhem

| March 12, 2014

vintageweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Organizers of a  snowmobile race hope to turn back the clock on Saturday. The Northern Maine Fair is hosting Frozen Motor Mayhem for vintage snowmobiles.  Organizers say the storm tonight and tomorrow will not affect the event and that is all systems go.


Winslow: “It’s all systems go we put a lot of man hours in this already probably 150 or 200 hours. Rick Guerrette, myself and the Fair Board have put a lot of time into build what we think will be a first class event.  One that we hope will repeat year after year and we are really excited about it.”

Guerrette:” The volunteers have been great we had 25 up here Saturday helping us out. The volunteers and  the sponsorship has been excellent. We have got about 60 different companies that has sponsored us.”

They have been grooming the course for most of the winter, The layout is similar to a Road Course

Guerrette:”It’s like a NASCAR Road Course. There’s a few humps in the track we have got some  little mountains we will call them. They are seven or eight feet tall, they are not jumps so the sleds will get air but it kind of slows the sleds down. It’s a bunch of left and right turns and a nice long backstretch. The track is about half a mile long.”

Several events like this are held in Southern Maine and other parts of New England.  All of the sleds competing are at least 25 years old

Winslow:”Primarily older sleds there are some classes for sleds in the 80’s, but they have to have leaf spring front suspension. A lot of sleds from 1973 and earlier.”

You can register on line or in person the morning of the race.

Winslow:” On line registrations are coming in. A lot of calls the last couple of days and a lot of kids signing up for the  Kitty Cat race. We are going to have a great showing.”

They have had inquiries from throughout New England and New Brunswick and Guerrette hopes this will become an annual event to promote the area.

Guerrette:” This is a big thing outside Aroostook County and we want to bring it to Aroostook County. People can come and have a good time for a day.”

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