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One Month After Tragic Fire, Fundraising Efforts Continue For Ark Animal Sanctuary

| April 22, 2014

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More than a month after a tragic fire that tore down the the Ark Animal Sanctuary in Houlton and claimed the lives of sixteen cats, Ark president Lorraine Monfils has felt an overwhelming sense of support.

“I’ll be in a store, and I don’t even know the people but they know me, and and they just come up and give me a hug and they just tell me to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Monfils.

Support that’s come from folks here in the county, almost all 50 states, and 14 different countries..making the total amount raised so far fifty-thousand dollars.

“It just makes you feel honored that people care about the work that you do and its as important to them as it is to you,” she said.

Monfils’ goal is to raise twenty thousand more in order to be able to rebuild. And so the fund raising continues. They’re doing bake sales every other weekend, they’re selling bracelets, and they’ve got a benefit supper next month.

Another way the Ark is raising money is by selling  memorial T-shirts, on the front it has the sanctuary logo with the date of the fire and on the back it says gone but not forgotten with the names of the cats who perished. The pictures of sixteen still sit in the windowsill of the Hollywood Pet Salon..and they’re also remembered in another way.

“We’ve got little Bobby and Little Trudy they’re both named after two of the cats that died in the fire,” said Monfils as she held two kittens. She says they’ve hated having to turn a number of animals away since the fire, but she hopes to build a bigger building this summer…they’ve come up with the saying, ‘out of the ashes, into the light’.

“We’re going to make our dream come true no matter how long it takes, we have a vision, and we’re going to get there,” she said.

Safe to say the ark can count on a world of support as they move forward.



Hollywood Pet Salon, 70 Main St. Houlton ME

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