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One Man Volleyball Team Delivers a Strong Message

| December 5, 2013


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The volleyball net was up in Fort Fairfield today. Bob Holmes brought his one man volleyball team to the gym to not only showcase his skills, but also to deliver a message.


This is Bob Holmes taking on all the boys in the Sophomore to Senior Class at Fort Fairfield High School. Holmes is a one man volleyball team and at the end of his demonstration delivers a powerful message anti bullying message and  about avoiding the pitfalls of drugs alcohol and tobacco

“The fact it gets the kids attention that I am playing then singlehandedly. Girls team boys team teachers team and then I speak to them about staying away from bullying and the drugs and the alcohol and all the things that cause suicide. I just want kids to live and not die.”

Holmes has a website talking about message and showing him playing several different professional football and baseball teams.

Two assemblies in Fort Fairfield today one of the 4th to sixth graders and then one for the Middle School and High School Students. He said he believes his talks make a difference

” I’m hoping to get into every school in Maine and bring the message. Kids will testify that they are tired of hearing the lies that end up causing them to make wrong decisions by friends and peer pressure and all kinds of things.”

Holmes took on all comers playing several games against students and teachers. He has appeared in several schools in the County and has a goal of reaching even more students

” I’m getting e mails all the time hundreds of them from young people who are saying I’m going to have a dream for my life now. I’m not going to give up, I’m going to look ahead I’m not going to end my life and that inspires me to keep going.”

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