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Old Structures in Caribou

| September 3, 2013

CaribouBuildings from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A plan to get rid of old structures is on the agenda for the city of caribou.  They’re owned by city, and they’re not being used.  Old structures like this one on Collins street near down town are considered eye soars.  Even this old home on the corner of Collins and Prospect street are part of plan that city manager austin bleess says will benefit the city.

He says, “the code enforcement officer, police chief, fire chief, myself and assistant city manager are looking at all of the areas in town that are nuisance area, slum and blight looking things that we need to get cleaned up.”

The idea behind this city initiative is basically this…if the building is old, ugly and serves no purpose, it’s gotta go.

It will take some work to get the proper resources and crews to demolish or burn some of these buildings on the agenda.  There is cost associated with hiring a contractor and taking the pieces of the structures to landfills.

Austin Bleess says “but the city is pretty forward thinking with their tax acquired property policy, a portion of all of the funds of sales from tax acquired property goes into a reserve account to help fund slum and blight removal projects like this.”

Bleess is working closely with the proper departments to make sure possible environmental issues are taken care of.  Especially with this old birds eye sights structure off route 1 and fort street, which Austin says is the spot that can be most re-developed.

Bleess:  “We do utilize some of these building as training exercises when appropriate we also will take down a few buildings hiring out private contractors or utilizing the public works depending on on the size of the structure,,,”

Removing the old Bubs Carpentry building right on Fenderson Street…. will be utilized as training for firefighters in a controled burn which is scheduled for this fall.

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