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North Country Animal Hospital Offers the ONLY Canine Rehab Facility North of Bangor

| August 6, 2014


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Last year, North Country Animal Hospital opened a Canine Rehabilitation Facility. They are the only one north of Bangor. Bangor does have one facility, but other than that, you would have to travel to Portland.

“We offer conditioning for old dogs, rehabilitation for old dogs with neurological problems, post surgery injury rehabilitation, and weight loss,” says Veterinarian, Terry McQuade.

They have a brand new underwater treadmill which you can see Morpheus using. He’s a 12 year old black lab and has some neurological problems with his back end, and they are trying to keep the strength in his back legs.

“The treadmill to increase strength without causing undo trauma to his joints,” says McQuade.

The water temperature in the treadmill can be cooled down for those hot summer days, and warmed up for the cold winter ones. This is Auroa she ruptured a ligament in her leg, and they have started rehab right away.

“We try to get them using their leg as soon as we can. With her we’re doing the laser for inflammation and pain control. We’re trying to get her to realize that it’s not so painful to bear weight on it. We do want to get them weight bearing as soon as we can,” says McQuade.

Another dog being treated is Aerie. Aerie lost complete control of her hind end when she was four weeks old, and cannot walk.

“She doesn’t have very much muscle in the back legs from not using them. So we’re going to start with some exercises to get her weight bearing, to teach her to stand. She can’t stand at all on her own,” says McQuade.

McQuade says the rehab facility is great for the County. She says a lot of older dogs with problems who would have been euthanized were able to walk out of the clinic. You can come and do therapy with your dog, and they will give you exercises to do at home as well. McQuade says the therapy forms a bond between the owner and their dog.

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