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NMCC Offers Late Start Semester

| September 5, 2013

Late Start from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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NMCC students are hitting the books in the campus library. They’ve been back at it since late August, when classes started. And even though the regular admission deadline has passed, NMCC officials are excited to announce that for the first time, students have one more chance to enroll.

Bill Egeler, Dean of Students says, “Colleges all across the state and country are starting this week and it’s like, ‘oh man I should have done that, I wanted to do that, I didn’t get something done, is it too late?’ And the answer is no its not too late, but it’s getting there.”

Late Start Semester is an opportunity for anyone to either get started or continue their college degree that may not have been prepared two weeks ago. Classes will begin on September 23rd – they’ll be four hours a week over the course of twelve weeks.

Sue Bernard, Dean of Development and College Relations says, “It really offers a second chance for some students who had to make decisions, and maybe it was a decision for various reasons, to be able to start their college education, get some basic courses under their belt.”

NMCC officials say this school has had a long history of responding to the community’s needs – and this is just another example of that, as each year they have students come in with a desire to continue or start their education, but they’re a little too late.

Egeler says,  “I spoke with a young man earlier this week who is very well prepared, just thought he wanted to take a year off and then changed his mind and so now what do I do? I’m a year behind where I’ve always been.”

Bernard says, “Their goal in mind is to have a college degree and we want to make sure we give them every chance to do that. This late start semester, we believe, will make that happen.” She says students will finish the semester on time with the traditional start – and they’ll then be able to start again in the second semester in January.

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