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NMCC and Katahdin Trust Company meet to discuss moving County education and workforce agenda forward

| January 7, 2014


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Education meets banking and business; at least that was the case at the Houlton Higher Education Center today. Officials from Northern Maine Community College met with executives from Katahdin Trust Company to discuss moving education and the workforce agenda forward to create more economic opportunities in the County. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

Education and a skilled workforce go hand in hand when it comes to creating and sustaining a strong economy. The premise behind the meeting held Tuesday between NMCC officials and Katahdin Trust Company executives.

NMCC President Tim Crowley said, “We’ve broken the County into 3 areas, the Southern area, the Central area, and the Northern area, and we’ll take our planning team out to each of those areas to talk to business and community members about the college and what they need from us and what they’d like to see happen differently.”

It’s the first time NMCC has taken the initiative on the road, and it’s to understand the future needs of industries across Aroostook County in order to provide a more educated workforce.

President and CEO of Katahdin Trust Company Jon Prescott said, “We’re a growing company we have a lot of positions opening up over the next few years. A sizable number of jobs are going to be created and we need quality people to fill them.”

NMCC is in the process of updating it’s long term strategic plan; and President Tim Crowley says they plan to create a new vision for the college by assessing the needs of County businesses and industries.

“It’s what do we need to be doing 5 years from now to help Aroostook County continue to grow. And what are businesses that are growing doing that’s allowing them to take those steps,” said Crowley.

It’s a process that started in Houlton, that will expand to other parts of the County in order to move both education and the workforce agenda in a positive direction. NMCC officials plans to visit businesses in Central Aroostook with this iniative in 2 months and the St. John Valley in the spring.

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