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Walmart’s annual Black Friday set up

| November 28, 2013

There was a calm at Walmart on Wednesday night.  Just an hour after workers had finished setting up for the holiday shopping season. But of course, we all know what comes after the calm, a storm, or as we like to call it Black Friday.

“I’ll be here at midnight after thanksgiving and I expect to not even be able to walk in here,” Said Nick Mcintosh an employee at Walmart.

We spoke with Lisa Harvey, a Shift Manager here at the Presque Isle Walmart.  She told us that prepping for Black Friday is not something that is done in just one day.

“We actually start prepping about three months out,” Said Harvey.

As for actual in-store set up, that takes about two full days. But as a rule, Walmart doesn’t bring on extra staff.

“We just maintain what we normally have and they work really hard to get it done.” Said Harvey.

One Section of the store that always gets a lot of attention is of course the toy isle.  We asked what toys seem to be the hot items this year.

“I’m guessing that the hot toys are going to be mostly all of the dolls that are here, because there are tons!” Said Kaitlynne Dorrn an employee at Walmart.

After a long day of setting up, all of the items are marked and lining the isles.  However the prices will not be available until 12 midnight.  So Shoppers get in your turkey fix and get ready for a night of bargain hunting! See you out there.

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