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Violette Motors Theft

| August 28, 2013

The Violette Motors Ford Car Dealership in Edmundston, New Brunswick was the target of a heist Friday night through Saturday morning.

Deputy Chief  of the Edmundston Police Force Percy Picard said, ”Last Saturday morning August the 24th in the early hours, at least 2 individuals entered the parking lot of the Ford dealership on Queens Street and from there they started jacking up brand new pick up trucks and removing the tires off these trucks.”

The thieves stole 21 tires and rims total; cashing in at a value of $30,000. The owner of Violette Motors was not available for comment, but the manager says 6 Ford pickup trucks were affected.

Deputy Chief  of the Edmundston Police Force Percy Picard said, ”What possessed them to do that, I’d like to know myself for sure. But I would believe that it’s a structured, organized, individuals that are doing this.”

Although police have no leads as to who the suspects are; a coincidentally similar case has popped up in another part of the country.

Deputy Chief  of the Edmundston Police Force Percy Picard said, ”We also are in contact with our neighborhood friends from the Quebec Provincial police they have a similar cause that we just saw this morning, one truck the tires were removed they used a similar blocks and everything that was used here.”

Police from both departments are investigating both cases closely to determine if there is a potential link. Unfortunately there was no video surveillance in the parking lot, so the Edmunston Police Department is encouraging anyone that may have any information pertaining to that theft to contact them at 506-739-2100.

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