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Two Doppler indicated tornado warnings

| September 12, 2013

Two Doppler indicated tornado warnings were issued Wednesday afternoon, National Weather centers head meteorologist Joseph Hewitt tells us for this time of the year this kind of weather pattern is strange, “Its very very very unusual, and it is by records we have, all the severe weather hits its peak by July and early August and then it starts its way down”, Say’s Hewitt.

The first tornado warning went out around 4 and The second went out around 5 o’clock p.m, neither have been confirmed but tornado or not, they left a lot of cleaning up to do.  MDOT Regional Manager Bob Watson said, “The worst damage that we saw last night was on that route 11 corner and the Oxbow seemed to be kind of the center of where the bulk of the damage was.”
On route 11 there are men who have worked through the night to clear up this damage.  Ralph Long was one of those men working, “I got called at 11 o’clock last night, to come help two of the line men that they had way to many trees to take care of that were down up here.”

Trees were not the only things down on route 11, a broken fiber optic cable on the side of the road was found as a result of the storm.  The Greater Houlton area was without power for several hours. In total, roughly 5-thousand Aroostook county customers lost power. As for Route 11, watson says clean up could take several weeks

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