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Thanksgiving Dinner served at Fort Fairfield VFW

| November 28, 2013

In Fort Fairfield a nice homemade Thanksgiving meal was served to community members at the VFW and even delivered to those who weren’t able to leave their homes. Close to 100 Community members got their Thanksgiving fill at the Fort Fairfield VFW.

President of the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club Carl Young said, “The menu today would you believe it it’s turkey, and dressing, and all the fixes.”

And though we all look forward to the good eats, there’s a much bigger reason behind the holiday season….

Fort Fairfield Lady Tigers teammate and volunteer Logan Bubar said, “We’re a small community and it’s just nice to keep everyone together and make everyone feel warm and welcome.”

Over 80 meals were prepared and boxed up for those that are home bound and unable to make it to the Fort Fairfield VFW for Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Fort Fairfield Rotarian Stephanie Beaulieu said,  “82 meals to go for the elders and the shut-ins for the ones that cannot make it that are not mobile enough to get out.”

President of the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club Carl Young said, “It’s just a time when we can reach out and give then we see the smiles that’s on everyones faces.”

A time to be thankful, and enjoy the fellowship and good meal amongst good company. The Thanksgiving Dinner held at the Fort Fairfield VFW is a community wide event organized by organizations in the Fort Fairfield area including the Rotary Club, KC, and the Fish and Game Club.

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