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Thankful to be from Aroostook County

| November 28, 2013


There’s many reasons to be thankful on this Thanksgiving day, but we thought we’d do something a little different and find out why people are thankful to be from Aroostook County…

Angela “What makes this place so special?”
County resident Donna Gribetz  said, “The people, the people make it very very special, they’re very kind to me.”

Assistant Manager at Graves Shop and Save Trevor Graves said,  “Everybody knows each other and we look out for one another up here and you don’t get that in the metropolitan areas.”

County native Kenneth Atcheson said, “The very caring and giving people that are here. Anytime something goes wrong for someone people are so generous and quick to come to the aid of any individual regardless of the circumstances.”

County native Carol Doody said,  “It’s the people, people are caring here, very caring, they look up to you, they help you.”

County native David Czosnek said, “The people and just the friendliness of everyone.”

County native Kenneth Atcheson said, “It’s a County tradition.”

County native Carol Doody said, “It’s the best place to live.”

Some people said they’re also thankful for the great outdoors and all of the winter sports they can do here in the County as well.

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