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Sunday Saunter Winter Running Group

| January 19, 2014

You may have seen this group running down Main Street in Presque Isle, whether it is raining, snowing or freezing cold temperatures. Weather is not a factor though, when it comes to the avid runners of the Sunday Saunter Winter Running Group.

“We just decided to take it, and have it be an opportunity for people to get together, have fun, run, meet new people and enjoy the winter,” said¬†Jonathan Kelley is the leader of the Sunday Saunter Winter Running Group.

Kelley explained that he started up this group as an alternative winter activity.

“There are so many winter events for people to enjoy. Some people really don’t want to ski, whether it be cross country or down hill, or snow shoe. But running is something that they do, but they wouldn’t necessarily get out to do it in the winter by themselves,” added Kelley.

Rain, snow or shine, the group meets at Gentile Hall on the UMPI campus each Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Kelley tells us they are always looking for new members.

“Everybody is welcome. ¬†Obviously bring some hats, gloves mittens and some warm clothes, dress in layers. Just bring a fun attitude, don’t feel like you can’t do it. We will all help you along, and if we need to, we will kind of hang back,”said Kelley.

Whether you have run your whole life, or you are just beginning, this group motivates each other and sticks together.

“Comradery is great, it’s powerful,” said Catherine Packard, a member of the Sunday Saunter Winter Running Group.
“We have a no drop policy, which means everyone remains with the group. We stay together, we start together, we finish together,”added Kelley.

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