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Sherman Old Home Days

| September 4, 2013

The Sherman Old Home Days wrapped up it’s celebration Monday with their annual parade.

Many came home for Sherman Old Home days this weekend.   Monday’s parade capped it off with floats of all kids representing the old town along with many other festivities.  Crowds braved the rain as they looked on while the parade came rolling through, making a significant 2 loops around the block.  Fire trucks, toy story, tractors, and many more were part the celebration.

Dennis Qurian hasn’t seen his parents for 5 years.  He gave his mom and dad a big hug for a big homecoming in this town’s old home days celebration.  And his father Frank hasn’t forgotten a thing.  He said “every time I come up he say’s he’s gonna take me fishing, he waits till fishing season’s over, before he offers me ahahahaha.”

We caught one family coming home and the same goes for many others which is what the celebration is all about.  A live band burgers on the grill,  Along with fun activities for the kids makes quite the affair for the families and neighborhoods that came together to celebrate Sherman Old Home Days.

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