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Schools react to crime in Oakfield

| September 23, 2013


While the hunt was on for a man suspected of shooting two people in Oakfield, school officials in surrounding areas turned their attention to the students. At the recommendation of State Police, RSU 50′s Superintendent closed the Southern Aroostook Community School in Dyer Brook for the day.

RSU 50 School Superintendent Larry Malone said,  “It was their recommendation that we either delay or cancel school, for the Southern Aroostook communities because of the detours and possible bus delays that would happen.”

And even in communities 15 miles away from the actual crime scene schools reacted. The doors of the Houlton High School and Greater Houlton Christian Academy were both locked, all teachers were notified, and all outdoor activities were canceled.

The Principal of Houlton High School Marty Bouchard said, “State police have been great they’ve been in contact with us, first initially this morning they said I think you’re going to be ok then they called back and said well as a precaution why don’t you just lock the exterior doors.”

Head of the Greater Houlton Christian Academy John Bishop said,  “It protects the students but allows normal activities of the school to go on as long as their inside the building.”

When it comes to students and their safety; it’s better safe than sorry.

RSU 50 School Superintendent Larry Malone said,  “This is sad this will touch our community a lot, a lot of our staff members knew the individuals.”

Counselors will be on hand at the Southern Aroostook Community School on Tuesday to comfort both adults and students at the school.

Schools in the other end of the Southern Aroostook region in Katahdin did continue school as normal today, but they initiated a soft lock down procedure as a safety precaution.

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