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Project Hero at Ride Aroostook

| August 15, 2013

The Ride Aroostook cycling event that was held in the County over the weekend raised money for Camp Adventure; a summer camp dedicated to kids with Type 1 diabetes. But that wasn’t the only cause represented in the event, a special guest from ” Project Hero” was also in attendance.  That guest is Sandy Buckles, a wounded warrior who spent 35 years in the navy. While serving our country, she sustained injuries that caused her both physical and psychological damage.

Combat Wounded Warrior Sandy Buckles says, “I don’t have balance so I can’t ride a 2-wheeled bike, it has 3 wheels so it’s very steady, rides just like a regular bike only you pedal straight forward, and you use your hands to steer and all the gearing is done by my thumbs.”

An intiative called Project HERO made it possible; HERO stands for Healing Exercise Rehabilitation Opportunity.

National Director of Project Hero Barbara Springer says, “We use cycling at many different military and VA sites as part of the physical and psychological rehabilitation of our service members and our veterans.”

Project Hero creates specially adapted recumbent bikes to accommodate the needs of wounded warriors.

Combat Wounded Warrior Sandy Buckles says, “I’ve been riding now for about a year, it’s been a great program and it has really helped me come out of my shell.”

National Director of Project Hero Barbara Springer says, “I think it’s important to realize that there are a lot of wounded veterans out there and they could really benefit from events like this and cycling in particular because almost anybody can cycle.”

And because of the wide roads and low traffic, Springer says Aroostook County is an ideal place to ride and a great place to promote the Project Hero initiative of building up the endurance and strength of Wounded Warriors.

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