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New MDEA Division II Commander

| August 14, 2013

Former Commander of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Division II Darrell Crandal left his position earlier this month to take a new one with the Aroostook County Sheriff’s office, and a new Commander is filling his place.

New MDEA Division II Commander Peter Arno says, “Drug enforcement on a whole in the state is changing, trends change frequently so keeping up with the trends and sort of developing strategies on how to deal with those trends.”

Something that Peter Arno says he plans to do as the new Commander of MDEA Division II.

New MDEA Division II Commander Peter Arno says, “One of the things that we’re seeing more and more of is a pretty significant amount low cost high purity heroin in the state.”

In Aroostook County, he says methamphetamine labs continue to be a growing problem, and he’s seen more out of state drug traffickers moving in to distribute drugs.

Arno is a 25-year veteran to law enforcement, with a wealth of experience under his belt. He previously worked on a number of high-level drug distribution cases in Bangor.

New MDEA Division II Commander Peter Arno says,  “I just retired from Bangor PD after 25 years of service there in April and during my career at Bangor PD I actually spent a fair amount of time with Maine Drug Enforcement both as an agent and a supervisor so this is familiar ground for me.”

Arno says that overall, the transition into his new position has been a fairly smooth one because it was in good hands with the former Division II Commander Deryl Crandall.

New MDEA Division II Commander Peter Arno says, “We think a lot alike a lot of our ideas on how drug enforcement should take place are similar.”

And the overall goal is the same; to diminish the demand for drugs and subside trafficking.

Crandall and Arno have been colleagues for 25 years. Arno oversees MDEA offices in Augusta, Bangor, Ellsworth, and Houlton.

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