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National Recovery Month

| September 26, 2013

September is National Recovery Month; a month that’s recognized across the country as an effort to raise public awareness of addiction treatment and mental health services that can help people struggling with substance abuse. Substance abuse affects a user in both a physiological and psychological capacity. Fighting off a chemical dependence is not easy, but it’s also not impossible.

Director of Behavioral Health Services at AMHC Peter McCorison says,  “Statistically, the people that seek treatment do make changes in their behavior. Recovery does work. And there’s people in our community, family members, friends, people in our community really everyday that are making changes to their relationship with alcohol and other drugs.”

A common drug of abuse in Aroostook County is alcohol; and not too far behind it is marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamine. When an abuser gives them up, the withdrawal process can last a while.

Director of Behavioral Health Services at AMHC Peter McCorison says,  “One of the things we know is with alcohol and other drugs is there’s this period of post acute withdrawal which is kind of an extended period of time where the person is at risk physically and also psychologically.”

A big key to recovering from substance addiction is having a strong support system and a plan of action. McCorison says there’s several resources right here in Aroostook County like the Aroostook Mental Health Center, where people struggling with substance abuse can get recovery supports like residential services and outpatient services.

Director of Behavioral Health Services at AMHC Peter McCorison says, “It’s really about changing a lot of patterns in their life and it can be very overwhelming, and so the process of recovery really one of the first processes if recovery is getting the support to make those changes.”

Although there is no straight road to recovery and there are inevitable challenges; those who do seek help make significant changes and progress towards living a healthy life, drug free.

As a part of Recovery month, a public session about recovery will be held at the Houlton High School this upcoming Monday starting at 6:30 pm. It will include a presentation as well as a panel of recovering individuals that will share their stories of overcoming substance abuse.

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