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N.B. Farmer Sues Canadian Government

| May 9, 2013

Its been more than a year since a New Brunswick potato farmer was jailed in a Lebanon, accused of KNOWINGLY exporting rotten produce to Algeria. And although he’s home, his ordeal is far from over. As a lengthy lawsuit and court battle with the Canadian government has been launched.¬† HENK TEPPER, is back home in Drummond, New Brunswick. But the nightmare he lived in a Lebanese jail is one he says he still can’t escape from. On his lawyer’s advice, he wouldn’t go into detail on the 16.5 million dollar lawsuit against the Canadian government he just launched in federal court yesterday…but his actions DO SAY they should be held accountable for his rights being violated and his incarceration. Shawn Cunningham¬†reports one on one with the farmer.

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