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MSAD 70 Interim Superintendent

| August 13, 2013

School has been out for the summer, but school board officials in Hodgdon have been hard at work after the Superintendent of the MSAD 70 school district retired in June. Luckily, an interim Superintendent stepped into the position July 1st,  and will continue assuming the role until a new permanent superintendent fills his place.

Chair of the SAD 70 School Board Estela Lane says, “Pretty much he runs the school district he’s responsible for all the staff and so therefore it trickles down all the way.”

That’s why it was crucial for the SAD 70 School District to find a new Superintendent after Mr. McDaniel stepped down in June, and that’s where Clayton Belanger comes in. He stepped in as interim Superintendent until a new permanent one is hired.

MSAD 70 encompasses students from 7 towns, including: Hodgon, Haynesville, Amity, Cary Plantation, Linneus, New Limerick, and Ludlow.

The school board agrees that Clayton Belanger makes an ideal temporary superintendent in the meantime because he brings 40 years of experience in education to the table.

Chair of the SAD 70 School Board Estela Lane says, “It’s incredibly important that somebody can slide right in here and know what the job is all about and what the responsibilities are.”

And Clayton brings forth that kind of knowledge after assuming several roles in the Van Buren education system, from teacher to principal to superintendent.

Interim Superintendent of MSAD # 70 Clayton Belanger says,  “Looking through the eyes of a different administrator you might say, that I bring my experiences in all those years of education and it’s a different way of looking at it.”

The Maine School Management Association is helping the school board with their search for a superintendent with the right credentials and background.

Interim Superintendent of MSAD # 70 Clayton Belanger says, “The new superintendent like all other school districts will have to tackle funding, and we have to be better at managing the funds we have, the state is not going to help us.’

The School Board says they are taking their time, in hopes of finding someone who is committed to improving the Hodgdon area school’s and it’s programs. The school board hopes to find a new Superintendent for the MSAD 70 School district by it’s goal date of January 6th. The first round of interviews are scheduled to be held in September.

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