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Moose Hunting season promotes the economy

| September 25, 2013

Moose hunting season is upon us and Hunters are not the only ones who benefit from this time of year..

Scott King the sports and recreation manger at Walmart tells us they have people coming from all over the east cost to shop during this time.

“moose hunting season is the first major season that we have here, our several categories from fire arms to coolers we see a large increase in sales.”

A cooler, or should I say multiple Coolers are a big must when Moose meat is involved.

“we took a moose in the Maine moose hunt on monday, I just picked it up from the process meat, from the butcher and now I need enough coolers to get it home.” Doug Lawrence a local hunter said.

Another business that is keeping busy during this season is Ben’s Trading Post.

Ben Say’s,  “Its our busy time, its starts now from here to the end of December actually, people are coming in and there finding just things they wouldn’t normally find somewhere else.”

Ben’s trading post provides a place for hunters to not only tag their pray but weigh it as well.  They are one of the only business’ that provide these two services in one location, During the Moose hunting season.  Restaurants, hotels and other local stores will, if not already benefit from having more people visiting.

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